For the sealed bid auction we provide at least one and a half days of viewing for each auction.  This means you can come look around at the merchandise, count items, and prepare for your bid entries. We have an auction list and bid entry sheet available at the door. We end viewing at 11:30 on the last day.  You can enter your bids under your approved website account by 10:30am (for registered bidders only) or in person by 11:30am in a drop box provided in the auction warehouse.



After 11:30 all bids are tallied.  All winners are notified by 5:00pm via email.  All invoices must be paid the following business day by 12:00 noon.  Cash or Credit Card only in the cashiers office. Pick up day is always the DAY AFTER the auction ends. We do not store items for buyers, you must make arrangements to pick up on the pick up day provided or we ask you not to bid.

There is a minimum bid requirement of $5 for each lot to sale.  In the event of a tie we will contact the buyers.  Each winner is charged $25 more than the second highest bidder.  For example, If you have a $300 bid on an item and the next closest bid is $200 you will be charged $225 not $300.

To register for our sealed bid auctions you must attend in person during viewing times that are posted with every action date.  You must arrive with drivers license and cred/debit card which are both required to register. Once registration in person is established you will then be allowed access to an online account that will allow access to a bid sheet that you can submit remotely. All electronic submissions and emailed bids are due by 10:30am on auction end day. We are local pick-up only and do not ship freight to winning bidders.

We hope this clears up a lot of questions and if you have any more questions please click on the "Contact" tab and send us a message.