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D.R.S., Inc. began in 1986 as a truck line salvage and close-out merchandise company auctioning merchandise to the public every week.  D.R.S. was one of the first to introduce salvage auction sales to the area.

The owner, Donald Sowers, has been an entrepreneur of salvage resells since 1968.  With his abundant knowledge and endless resources, he was able to create an auction open to the public for the resale of salvage merchandise.

Our freight comes from various trucking lines and is not limited to one particular item.  The freight we have consists of food products, health & beauty aids, clothing, furniture, electronics, home decor, appliances, computer equipment and much more.  Please remember that our freight changes weekly so you will want to check the auction list on Thursday afternoon to see the new items listed.


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August 2015
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D.R.S., Inc. 4265 U.S. Highway 158 Advance , NC 27006 Phone 336-998-7251 Fax 336-998-6173

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